After graduation from the University of Florida College of Law, Brynn began her career as an Assistant State Attorney in Broward County, Florida. She started first as a juvenile prosecutor working with several circuit court judges. Brynn volunteered to work with the Hon. Melanie May, now a judge the 4th District Court of Appeal, in Juvenile Drug Court a program that was innovative to the treatment of juveniles with drug addiction. In the Juvenile division she tried hundreds of bench trials involving felonies and misdemeanors.

Her work was quickly noticed and she was promoted to the Felony Trial Unit where she handled the largest case load of the entire Felony Trial Unit and provided consistent guilty verdicts in her many trials- she did not lose. Ms. Brito became the head of her Division trying the most serious cases and training new attorneys. She was ultimately promoted to the elite trial unit of Sex Crimes and Child Abuse at the Broward State Attorney’s Office and held for retention by Michael J. Satz the State Attorney for the 17th Judicial Circuit.