Being charged with a DUI can happen to just about anyone - parents, grandparents, college students- anyone!  There are many circumstances where you may feel fine to drive, but in fact were in a compromised state. This does not make you a criminal. It makes you human. Also, in many circumstances, a mistake by a police officer can lead to an unfair charge. Remember a police officer’s decision to arrest you is just that - their opinion. The instruments and processes around convicting someone of a DUI are complicated and can sometimes deliver results that are not totally trustworthy.The state has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your were impaired before you can be convicted of a DUI. Fight back. A DUI conviction has extensive penalties that follow you for life.

Wrongfully charged or guilty of a simple mistake - Brynn is here to help you. Brynn Brito has studied this process and has a comprehensive understanding of the laws and procedures around DUI's. She has tried and resolved many DUI cases and has attends seminars to continue her education in the specialized practice of DUI defense.