Gun Crimes

The State of Florida has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. It also has a very liberal Stand Your Ground Law that favors the use of a gun in self defense. This does NOT make you automatically immune from prosecution. You need an experienced attorney that can be an advocate for your decision to use deadly force if needed.

Gun charges can be incredibly serious under the 10 20 Life laws in Florida. Special prosecutors focus on these cases and work hard to make sure that the law is upheld to its fullest extent. The tough stance on gun crimes makes intelligent and skilled representation a necessity.

Firearm litigation is complex with regard to your right to carry and use. You need an experienced attorney that is well versed in the latest cases and statutes surrounding the use of a gun during a crime and the right to carry. Brynn L. Brito has worked on both sides of the law. Her understanding not only of gun crime law, but of the prosecutors who are working to enforce the law, gives her a wide knowledge of how to represent her clients. Don't let a weapon determine your future. Get the intelligence, experience and help you deserve.