Capital Murder, Homicide and Manslaughter

Murder is the most serious criminal charge a defendant can face. In Florida, charges can range from decades in prison to the death penalty.

If you're facing the possibility of a murder charge, it is necessary that you get the best possible attorney available. Brynn Brito and her team can provide you with the expertise, staff and personal attention you need.

We understand the seriousness of the charges placed on you. Every step in your legal process has to be taken with excruciating care.

Death Penalty

The death penalty is the most serious punishment a human can face. The defining factor of determining whether a defendant will receive the death penalty is the quality of the lawyer they are provided. Not moving forward with a talented and trained lawyer in a death penalty case is an often fatal mistake.

Brynn Brito has handled cases where the death penalty has been suggested for the client. Brynn Brito is well versed in death penalty litigation and has undergone nearly 100 hours of specialized training in the field with some of the best experts in the Country. Brynn and her team are ready to help you today.