Juvenile Deliquency

When a person under the age of eighteen is charged with a crime in Florida, the case is often handled in the Juvenile Delinquency Unit. The Juvenile system is different than the adult Criminal Justice System because the focus is on rehabilitating juveniles, rather than punishing them. However all juvenile crimes are used to enhance penalties of the juvenile when they turn 18. So, if you have a child with an extensive juvenile record it does not STAY in juvenile and is used on the “scoresheet” of the adult.  

Also, in limited instances, some juvenile cases are sent directly to adult court. While infrequently done, direct filed cases are usually the result of a repeat juvenile offender who has committed a serious crime.

A juvenile offense can have serious consequences for both the child and the parent. Brynn L. Brito has  immense experience walking through these difficult times with families. Go into this with the best legal help available. She is fully equipped to help you today.