Sexual Battery

Sexual battery (sometimes also called “sexual assault,” or rape) is punished as a felony in Florida. The circumstances of the offense determine the level of felony, which in turn determines which defenses and penalties that apply to the crime.

Brynn Brito will use her prior experience as a Sex Crimes and Child Abuse prosecutor as well as her extensive defense trial work of the same to help you and your family in defending against accusations of this nature.

Penalties can range from fines to decades in prison.

If you are facing any charge involving a sexual contact including the possession of sexually explicit photos or videos, or use of a computer to accomplish a sexual assault you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Numerous defenses apply to charges of felony sexual assault and battery. A lawyer can evaluate the strength of the case against you and custom tailor a defense to your needs. This type of expertise can sometimes lead to a lesser charge or a reduction in penalties.