Meet Brynn


Brynn L. Brito has focused her career on helping citizens facing extensive legal struggles. Since Brynn entered the field of law in 1999 she has focused on criminal trial work specifically on the Felony level. She has helped to keep families together, helped individuals avoid weighty penalties and has been a key factor in injured persons receiving their just compensation. Brynn is experienced in representing criminal defendants from pre-charging through appeal:  mitigation or avoidance of charges, competency and insanity, deposition practice, motion research, writing and argument, jury and bench trials, sentencing objections and mitigation, violations of probation and appeals. Brynn has represented those accused with allegations of:  Murder & homicide (all levels), Kidnapping, Drugs (all levels), Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Theft, Forgery, Securities Fraud,  Rape, Lewd & Lascivious, pornography charges, DUI and all levels of misdemeanors.  Brynn is also well versed in representing those navigating their way through administrative hearings in attempts to keep their driver’s license or a professional license.

Brynn focuses her practice primarily on criminal defense trial work. She is very aggressive and thorough. It is her passion. She believes that every perspective matters and that each story is made up of multiple viewpoints. She firmly believes in questioning the Government and making them prove their case. As a trial lawyer, Brynn prepares every case for the courtroom and for trial. She always looks to understand the full scope of the story within the law. This passion for understanding truth came from Brynn’s early days studying to be an attorney.