Your mistakes don't define you.

For eighteen years, we've been helping people find their second chance. Whether it's a chance encounter with the law or an unexpected injury, Brynn L. Brito and her team have decades of experience in helping guide clients through some of life's most difficult times.

Brynn focuses her practice primarily on criminal defense trial work. She believes that every perspective matters and that each story is made up of multiple viewpoints. As a trial lawyer, Brynn prepares every case for the courtroom and for trial. She always looks to understand the full scope of the story within the law.


Criminal Defense

you are worth more than your mistakes.

Don't let a run in with the law pave your future.

Drug Trafficking and Possession

don't let a substance define your world.

Even in difficult times, you have rights. Let us help you fight.


Personal Injury

you can get better. let us help.

One injury doesn't have to define your life.

Asset Forfeiture and Seizure

restore what was taken.

When the government seizes your assets, you have options.

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